Gatorade Sports Shop Rewards

UX Design
Client: Pepsico
Role: UX Architect
Timeframe: 2 months
Tools: Sketch, Invision
The Ask
Partnering with Dollar General, Gatorade Sports Shop is a rewards program designed to encourage customers to purchase Gatorade and Propel products at their local Dollar General.

Seeing a 29% drop in 2018 registrations, with only 11% of return users from 2017, Gatorade tasked our team with redesigning the Gatorade’s 2019 Dollar General rewards program to encourage participation, increase trips, increase sales and provide more value to their shopper. Working closely with our creative team and a third party development company to design and launch the program within two months, I led the site's information architecture and UX design.
The Approach
In collaboration with our planning team, we began by understanding Dollar General's target shopper and their shopping behavior, and looking at the previous year's registration data.

Research showed the previous site's lack of mobile optimization attributed the last year's high drop-off rate. Paired with a complicated points and prizing structure, users were often frustrated trying to understand how to work the site and quickly earn points.

With 98% of our users owning smart phones and 66% of registrations happening on mobile device, we identified the need for a mobile-first approach with a restructured easy-to-understand point system.
The Solution
Working closely with PrizeLogic, Gatorade’s development agency on record, our mobile-first design focused on empowering the on-the-go mom.

Our solution embodied a simplified navigation system to keep the focus on earning and redeeming. By prompting users to immediately enter their receipt code on the homepage, we encouraged participation before users tossed their receipts. We also focused on making all rewards easily attainable and offered prizes that better resonated with our users– coupons and gift cards.

Our newly designed rewards program launched in April 2019. So start earning your rewards at Gatorade Sports Shop today! 

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Now let's dive in...

The Research
By taking a look at shopper data and consumer studies, we familiarized ourselves with our shopper's attitudes, behaviors and motivations. This coupled with last year's registration data guided us in the re-structuring of our prizing system, shifting the focus from sports merchandise to coupons and gift cards. It also proved the strong need to pivot from a desktop to mobile-first approach.

shopper insights

With a focus on on-the-go moms, research showed Dollar General's target shopper valued deals that got her the brands she favored at a reasonable price.

With her children being the biggest influence on the brands she buys, we narrowed our focus further on
mothers with athletic children who were more inclined to purchase Gatorade beverages.

2018 registration data

Mobile-first users

2018 registration data showed a 29% decrease in participation in comparison to 2017's registrants, with only 11% of 2017's legacy users returning to participate. By identifying shopper's high mobile usage behavior in our user research, reinforced by the 66% of 2018 registrations performed on a mobile device, we attributed this to the site's lack of mobile optimization. 


2018 redemption data showed that with less than 20% of higher-end sports merchandising items being redeemed, Dollar General was left with warehouses full of unused inventory. And high-end rewards mixed with a confusing point system resulted in lower motivation to re-engage with the rewards program.

Knowing that our shoppers valued coupons and deals, we shifted 2018's rewards from sports merchandise to Dollar General coupons and NFL/Visa gift cards.

Our Scope

Initially wanting to include additional promotional content within the interface to promote other Gatorade products, our research proved to our client and our team that our solution needed to strip the fat and enable users to quickly input codes and redeem points while on the go.

framing the problem

To guide out design, we asked ourselves,

How might we enable on-the-go customers to quickly earn points and stay on track with their progress towards their next reward?
design principles

Moving forward, we crafted four design principles to guide our solution.

Eye on the prize

Keep the focus on earning and redeeming by using easy-to-follow, straightforward navigation

Don't make me wait

Receipts are easy to lose or toss. Enable users to quickly record their receipt codes before it's gone forever

Make it attainable

Make prizes attainable and offer items relevant to users needs

Keep me on track

Gently remind users of their progress, encouraging participation through the program's duration

Initial Concepts
After sketching out what a shopper's journey from being handed a receipt to earning and redeeming points, we knew navigation was key. Therefore our initial concept phase revolved around exploring different navigational layouts. Knowing we wanted code inputs to be the number one focus, we needed an easy way to quickly get to other pages within the site.

Throughout our initial concepts I explored and tested three approaches to the design's navigation:

Nested doll: Users drill in and out of the pages within the interface

  • Here I considered a nested doll, almost wizard-like approach, for new users entering a code. Capturing the code upfront, directing them to a "How it works" screen before registering, and then ultimately landing on the dashboard.

Hub & Spoke: Users must always revisit the hub (homepage) to navigate outwards

  • In effort to keep the focus on earning and making the code input field readily available, my hub-and-spoke approach used the new user homepage/existing user dashboard as the hub for the entire site. Making "How it works" and "Rewards" pages easily accessible within one click, but always bringing the user home.

Bento Box: A dynamic dashboard nav based on users status

  • My bento box concept consisted of a dynamic dashboard shifting focus based on where users were. For example, if a user unlocked a reward, the interface would change to focus on redemption, with code input serving as a secondary action.
With the likelihood of them losing or throwing away their receipt, testing showed the hub-and-spoke concept to be the most effective. Unless users saw an unlocked reward awaiting redemption, they only cared to interact with the homepage to enter codes.
Final Solution

After familiarizing ourselves with the shopper's journey from counter to the site and testing different navigational layouts to guide our design, our final solution stripped the noise and focused users attention on getting the most out of our program.

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focus on inputs

New users– Allow users to input receipt coupon codes before registering or logging to capture codes before receipts were discarded or lost.

Existing users– Allow users to easily track points and progress to next reward, with quick access to code inputs

simplify point system and reduce number prizes

With confusion surrounding 2018's point system, which awarded different points for various products, our solution featured a 1 to 1 point system. For every bottle purchased, shoppers earned one point.

Moving from over 10 available rewards, we narrowed it down to six and changed the focus from sports goods to coupons and gift cards, aligning with what our customers valued more.

email reminders

To encourage engagement, we utilized email communications for three main purposes: 

  1. To re-engage last year's participants
  2. To remind registrants to participate throughout the program when more than two weeks of inactivity has been detected
  3. To notify users of unlocked rewards
final deliverables

In addition to a mid-fidelity InVision prototype, my final handoff included tested site architecture, user flows, and annotated wireframes.

Site Architecture
User Flows
Annotated Wireframes
Moving Forward
The new and improved Gatorade Sports Shop was launched in early April 2019. Now, with the site live, we will continue to analyze registration numbers, redemptions and unsubscriptions data to monitor engagement throughout the year. In addition, we will collect user feedback on the prizing structure to continue improving Gatorade’s offerings for 2020.

In the meantime…go visit your local Dollar General store and start earning points today!
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