Hey there!

I'm Riana (a.k.a "Ri")

Originally hailing from Florida, I became a Chicago transplant after starting my UX career in 2016. After studying journalism in college, I  transitioned into UX to find a more tangible application for my research and communication skills. At DESIGNATION, I learned how to apply my research, interviewing and communication skills to design products to better people's lives. Now, with the help of user research and a UX education, I work to build human-centered designs that meet business objectives and solve user needs.

When I'm not at work conducting research or designing, you can find me in search of the perfect donut. And although Dunkin' Donuts doesn't necessarily do the job, anything with sprinkles does.

If you're interested in working together or just want to chat, feel free to reach out at rianamelendez@gmail.com and let's grab a donut! 

My career so far

TPN Retail
University of FL