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1871 and PeopleVine tasked my team with redesigning the newly launched 1871 member portal. We were given three weeks to solve member accessibility problems, address user needs and increase daily member engagement. Our final redesign of the portal was implemented in the beginning of 2017. 

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Wrigley Winds

Wrigley Winds is mobile application created by Vik Denic allowing Cubs fans to quickly view predicted wind speed times for scheduled home games. I worked with Vik to improve the app's overall user experience and visual design. 

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In four weeks, my team created a mobile application encouraging sporadic donors to discover and give consistently to small, poverty-focused nonprofits.

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Surplus Record

My team worked with Surplus Record, a leading independent surplus equipment and used machine tools publication since 1924, to redesign its website and optimize the current users' search experience. 

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As a journalism student, I became intrigued by what one can learn though analyzing facts and people. Empathizing with others to understand different perspectives of a story was eye opening. However, I was urged to do more than simply write about it (which I did here).

At DESIGNATION I learned how to apply my research, interviewing and communication skills to design products to better people’s lives. Now, with the help of user research and UX education, I work to build human-centered designs that solve real problems. 


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